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Monday, November 12, 2012

Travelling whole europe by train

Traveling by train has come a long way since its invention. Even though not many people know this,
traveling through Europe by train can be a pretty cheap and flexible alternative to plains. The way to do
this is called InterRail for the Europeans and EuRail for people that have not lived in Europe for the last 6
months and come with many advantages and discounts depending on the type of pass you purchase.

If you are a tourist looking to visit The Old Continent, the best way to do it is to travel Europe by train.
Plan your trip; choose which countries you would like to visit and how long you would like to travel.
After that choose the euro rail pass that best fits your needs. There are 4 different euro rail passes you
can choose from:

  • Global Pass, for visiting up to 23 countries in any order you like and for everyday journeys within 3 months. This is an excellent way to visit Europe by train
  • Select Pass, the euro rail pass that enables you to select 3 to 5 bordering countries and explore them. This euro rail pass comes with constrains because all the countries must be linked by a direct train to enjoy the Europe by train experience
  • Regional Pass, with this euro rail pass you can choose between 2 bordering countries and start your adventure One Country Pass, this is an euro rail pass designed for those who choose not an Europe by train getaway but an European country exploration

Traveling Europe by train offers an exciting a unique experience no matter the euro rail passes you
choose or the trip you have planned. You will find wonderful places, go beyond country borders and see
the true wonders of Europe.

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