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Monday, November 12, 2012

Euro rail scenic trains

Some may say that train traveling is not fashionable and efficient looking at those who choose to
explore Europe by train. But train traveling is much more than getting from A to B. You get to enjoy the
sights through your train’s window, see the mountains, the shimmering lakes, and the beautiful costal
view. Europe has a lot of picturesque routes and if you choose to visit it you should travel Europe by

The best way to go about Europe by train is to get a euro rail pass. The rail network is complex and
offers lots of opportunities combined with the type of pass that best fits your needs. If you are an
explorer then you probably would want to visit every country in detail. If that is the case then you
should get a euro rail pass that combines 3 or 4 countries for a full scenic train experience for your
Europe by train journey. Most popular euro rail passes are The Global Pass, which gives you access to
23 European countries and The Choose Your Country Pass which offers the best scenic train experience.

Whichever euro rail pass you choose it is a must that you board Europe’s most famous scenic trains. You
can start with the Bernina Express which takes you across the Alps passing Chur, Davos up to Torino in
Italy. The Europe by train experience will have to include Chemins de Fer de Provence touristic train that
travels from Nice to Digne-le-Bains in France. If you are a fan of the northern Europe you can choose an
euro rail pass that gives you access to the Flam Railway in Norway or Inlandsbanan for a great view of
the Swedish landscape. One of Europe’s oldest scenic trains, Semmeringbahn, takes you across Austria
for spectacular mountain scenery.

When traveling Europe by train you get to enjoy all of its beauty and by getting a euro rail pass you do it
in style, comfort and with a great deal of savings.

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