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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague - History
            The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government, the Parliament and the Queen. In the history of The Hague, the judicial sector always played an important role. In the 14th century the importance of The Hague increased due to the transfer of the Supreme Court of Zealand and Holland. At the end of the 16th century the Royal Court moved here, The Hague became the Royal Residency. In 1899 and 1907 took place Peace Conferences which led to the construction of the Peace Palace, which, since 1922, is the seat of the International Court of Justice.

            The Hague – Culture
            The glory of The Hague was between 16th and 17th century, because of the many churches and residences built such as Huis ten Bosch – Royal Residency, Mauritius – Royal Gallery of paintings, Escher Museum. Also in that time, the village became an important center of portraiture and landscape, as well as printing, engraving, sculpture and craft of goldsmiths. These artistic traditions were continued in the 19th century, in the School of The Hague, an artistic environment of the Neoimpressionists and Symbolists. Madurodam is an important location in The Hague - a miniature city built in 1952 and named after a Jewish student who fought against Nazi troops in the Dutch army. For car enthusiasts in The Hague you can find Lowman Museum, with an impressive collection of 200.000 cars. For the ones who love natural sciences, the science museum Museon, founded in 1904 it’s a great place to find the secrets of domestic industry of The Hague. Other great museums and cultural institutions that The Hague can offer are: Haags Historisch Museum, Museum Bredius, Municipal Museum, Netherlands Dance Theatre, Mesdag Museum, Obervoorde Park and Queen Beatrix residential Palace situated in the forest, outside The Hague’s center.
  The Hague – Education         
 The Hague is not distinguished by a large number of universities, but the existing ones sure make the difference in student culture. Royal Conservatory of The Hague is offering the possibility for a career in music and dance. The Royal Conservatory was founded in 1826 by King William I and nowadays it is ruled by a professional stuff for different areas of specializations: European classical music, early music, jazz, electronic and computer music, musical composition, ballet, opera, art sound. Royal Academy of Art is another important educational institute in The Hague, one of the oldest art academies in Europe. The art academy was founded in 1682 and has preparatory courses, bachelor studies, post graduate and master studies in different areas of expertise: fine arts, photography, graphic design, textile and fashion, interior design and architecture, artistic research, media technology, film and photography studies.
            The Hague – Local attraction
            The Hague has an important place in international politics. Over 150 international organizations are located in The Hague. The main institutions are: Euro just (European Union prosecutors), Europol (European Police Office), International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia, Permanent Court of Arbitration. The main attraction in The Hague is Scheveningen resort. It has a promenade and a casino, making it one of the most elegant resorts in the country. In The Hague many festivals are organized, among them: Jazz Festival, Koninginne Nach, North Sea Jazz Festival, Tong Tong Festival, Milan Hindustani Festival and Schilderswijk Bazaar. Night life centers around the three main squares in The Hague’s center are also searched locations: the Plein (Square), the Grote Markt (Great Market) and the Buitenhof (Outer Court). The Plein is taken by several large sidewalks where important political figures can be seen. The Grote Markt is completely strewn with chairs and tables in all seasons. The Buitenhof contains a cinema and a chain of bars and restaurants where residents and tourists relax and have a great time.

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