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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nissi beach, Cyprus

Tranquil Cyprus

Located at the southeastern part of Cyprus, Nissi beach is a pristine piece of beaty lying hardly a bicycle trip away from Ayia crucifer. Nevertheless, both are poles apart in terms of the landscape and type of scenery they offer. A busy beach during the day time, Nissi beach offers serenity in the evening to the travelers and lets them enjoy the passing of time with the waves.

Nissi beach

World-class beach

Nissi beach, Cyprus is one of the most pristine beaches available on the face of the earth today. It is consistently exquisite travel lists and people travelling to Cyprus holidays always have Nissi beach on the bucket list and things to do. It attracts a young crowd for its daytime beach parties; however there are also many quiet spots around its edges. Better of all, simply offshore may be a very little island – that’s what ‘nissi’ suggests that in Greek – that is home to a droning water sports centre.

Nissi beach cyprus

Quiet village

Behind the beach is very little facet streets dotted with picturesque gardens and authentic Greek tavern as serving up the catch of the day. Plus, on the most Nissi Avenue, there’s one or two of memento retailers and supermarkets. Everything’s among walking distance, even the Nissi WaterWorld – a supersized waterpark with eighteen thrilling rides.

Ayia crucifer party

Close to Ayia crucifer

A  5-minute bus go forth is Ayia crucifer. This resort encompasses nightlife to rival Ibiza’s, and it's a very sensible looking scene, too, with millions of designer boutiques. However within the middle of the day, around Ayia Napa’s shaded squares and Medieval religious residence, you get a style of its quaint village feel.Thus Nissi beach is one of the most awesome destinations you can visit this coming summer. 
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